Differential configuration technology of large distance difference DC bus cable

The photovoltaic modules in the distributed generation system or photovoltaic power station are connected in series and parallel to the combiner box, and then connected to the DC power distribution cabinet through the combiner box. The photovoltaic array with a capacity of 1MWp in the photovoltaic power station covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 25 acres. […]

The specific connection method of photovoltaic modules

Photovoltaic power stations cover a large area, use a large amount of DC bus cables, and have a lot of line power loss, and the line voltage drop is seriously inconsistent. In a photovoltaic power generation system, multiple photovoltaic modules are connected in series to form the smallest unit with the required DC output voltage. […]

Photovoltaic power generation – an overview of generator capacity maximization design

General Photovoltaic power generation unit is a basic organization in photovoltaic power station. Usually, each photovoltaic power generation unit is equipped with one transformer and several inverters. In the actual project, the installed capacity of a photovoltaic power generation unit is more flexible, and a photovoltaic power generation unit can be designed according to the […]