How much do you know about operation and maintenance ?

Operation and maintenance data managementA complete data management system must be established for the operation and management of photovoltaic power stations. The data files involved in the operation and maintenance management include the technical data of the power station, the technical data of operation and maintenance, the equipment operation records, the chart files hanging on […]

How are photovoltaic power stations operated and maintained?

Photovoltaic (pv) power plant operations is short for photovoltaic power generation system operation maintenance, based on system safety, through preventive maintenance, periodic maintenance and regular equipment performance testing methods, scientific and reasonable to manage power plant, in order to ensure safe, stable and efficient operation of the entire power plant, so as to ensure the […]

Do you know the key points of photovoltaic lightning protection and grounding design ?

Design points Ground photovoltaic surge protection and grounding The practical design points of ground photovoltaic lightning protection and grounding are as follows: 1) General grounding layout diagram, component support connection diagram, square grounding diagram, etc. 2) When there is a contradiction between the grounding wire and the equipment foundation, the grounding wire should be laid […]

General and general requirements for surge protection and grounding systems

General requirements The overvoltage protection and grounding of the booster station area and the local inverter booster chamber of the photovoltaic power station should comply with the provisions of the current national standards GB/T50064 and GB/T50065, “Design Specification for overvoltage Protection and Insulation of AC Electrical Devices”.Lightning protection of photovoltaic power station living auxiliary construction […]

 The suitable range and characteristic of prestressed concrete

1.base form Prestressed concrete pipe pile is an important branch of prestressed pipe pile. Prestressed pipe piles are divided into prestressed concrete pipe piles (PC pile), prestressed high-strength concrete pipe piles (PHC pile) and thin-wall pipe piles (PTC pile) according to concrete strength grade and wall thickness. The concrete strength of PC pile shall not […]

Component inclination and array spacing design – knowledge points you must learn

The multi factor comprehensive calculation technology of component inclination and array spacing alternating feedback has been applied in a 10MW photovoltaic power station in Golmud, Qinghai Province. The component inclination and array spacing designed by this method can effectively improve the power generation efficiency and increase the income of the power station. The component inclination […]

Improve the design technology of photovoltaic power stations

The influence of design on power generation is very important, and an excellent system integration scheme plays an important role in improving the efficiency of photovoltaic power plants. Mainly explain the core technology of high-efficiency photovoltaic power generation engineering design from the aspects of photovoltaic modules, inverter selection, photovoltaic array operation mode, module inclination and […]

Innovative application form of photovoltaic power generation system

Photovoltaic power generation systems can be divided into grid-connected photovoltaic power generation systems and independent photovoltaic power generation systems according to whether they are connected to the public grid, and the following are all grid-connected photovoltaic power generation systems. In terms of application form, photovoltaic power generation projects can be divided into two categories. The […]

What are the specific ways to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic modules?

(1) Improve the original preparation process and develop new processes to increase the output of silicon raw materialsAt present, there are reports on some new process methods: vapor to liquid deposition (VLD) and molten silicon refinement. In the VLD method, trichlorosilane (SiHC3) and hydrogen (H2) are injected together into a graphite tube at 1500°C to […]

Reasons for the loss of solar battery conversion efficiency

The main reasons for the loss of solar cell conversion efficiency include electrical loss and optical loss.Ⅰ. Electrical lossThe main causes of electrical loss are: carrier loss and ohmic loss. (1) Carrier lossDue to the defects of battery materials and other reasons, the generated electrons and holes and other carriers recombine, causing some of the […]