What aspects need to be considered in the selection of the array form of photovoltaic power plants?

The selection of the array form of photovoltaic power stations needs to be comprehensively considered from several aspects such as initial investment, power generation, and operation and maintenance costs. Combined with the actual data of a photovoltaic power station in northwest China designed by a design institute, the power generation characteristics of the four forms […]

What is a concentrating photovoltaic system composed of?

Concentrated solar energy systems are mainly composed of concentrator components, high-efficiency solar cells, active or passive cooling devices, and single-axis or dual-axis tracking devices. The functions of each component are described as follows: The function of the concentrator assembly is to increase the radiation intensity of the incident light on the solar surface, thereby increasing […]

What is the research status of photovoltaic concentrating operation mode?

Photovoltaic concentrating structure is the use of concentrating optical elements and solar cells together to form concentrating solar cells, which can greatly improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency and use small-area solar cells. A “focal spot” or “focal zone” is formed within the range, and the solar cell is placed on the “focal spot” or “focal […]

What is the dual-axis tracking operation mode of the photovoltaic array?

The dual-axis tracking system not only tracks the azimuth angle of the sun, but also tracks the altitude angle of the sun’s rays at the same time. Generally, the daily track tracking algorithm is used, and electric devices and gear meshing are used to adjust the angle and position of the photovoltaic modules completely according […]

What is the single-axis tracking operation mode of photovoltaic array?

For photovoltaic power generation, the use of tracking devices can significantly improve the utilization rate of solar energy, while the single-axis tracking method can use relatively simple equipment to achieve an ideal tracking effect. Compared with the fixed operation type, the single-axis tracking method improves the utilization efficiency of solar energy; compared with the dual-axis […]

What is the fixed operation mode of photovoltaic modules?

Most PV modules are installed in fixed installations. The fixed operation mode of photovoltaic array is to install photovoltaic modules on fixed structural parts. The photovoltaic array faces the equator at a certain installation angle, and converts light energy into electrical energy after receiving the radiation of the sun. Its advantages are that the civil […]

Position relationship between the sun and the earth

The earth rotates around its “earth axis” at the north and south poles every day. One rotation is one day and one night, and 15° per hour. The earth is revolving around the sun while it is rotating, and one revolution is one year. The inclination of the normal line between the earth’s rotation axis […]