Photovoltaic array support – screw pile foundation

Structure and Features 1.1 Basic formSpiral piles are generally cut, deformed, welded, pickled, hot-dipped and other processes to produce qualified piles. Among them, pickling and hot-dip galvanizing are important anti-corrosion treatment processes, which directly affect the service life of screw piles. The processing level of the screw pile directly determines the service life of the […]

Photovoltaic array support – cast-in-place pile foundation

Structure and Features 1.1 Basic formThe structure of the cast-in-place pile is shown in Figure 1. 1) Reinforcement ratio: when the diameter of the pile body is 300~2000mm, the reinforcement ratio of the normal section can be taken as 0.65%~0.2% (the high value for the small diameter pile); The reinforcement ratio of piles and end-bearing […]

Expandable independent foundation and strip foundation for photovoltaic array support

Expandable independent foundation 1.1 Structure and Features1.1.1 Basic formThe structure of the independent foundation shall meet the following requirements: 1) The height of the edge of the foundation should not be less than 200mm. In the case of a tapered foundation, the slope in both directions should not be greater than 1:3; the height of […]