The suitable range and characteristic of prestressed concrete

1.base form Prestressed concrete pipe pile is an important branch of prestressed pipe pile. Prestressed pipe piles are divided into prestressed concrete pipe piles (PC pile), prestressed high-strength concrete pipe piles (PHC pile) and thin-wall pipe piles (PTC pile) according to concrete strength grade and wall thickness. The concrete strength of PC pile shall not […]

Photovoltaic array support – screw pile foundation

Structure and Features 1.1 Basic formSpiral piles are generally cut, deformed, welded, pickled, hot-dipped and other processes to produce qualified piles. Among them, pickling and hot-dip galvanizing are important anti-corrosion treatment processes, which directly affect the service life of screw piles. The processing level of the screw pile directly determines the service life of the […]

Photovoltaic array support – cast-in-place pile foundation

Structure and Features 1.1 Basic formThe structure of the cast-in-place pile is shown in Figure 1. 1) Reinforcement ratio: when the diameter of the pile body is 300~2000mm, the reinforcement ratio of the normal section can be taken as 0.65%~0.2% (the high value for the small diameter pile); The reinforcement ratio of piles and end-bearing […]

In-depth study on the design load of photovoltaic support

Wind load Due to different environments, the requirements for the design of the photovoltaic system support structure are getting higher and higher, and ensuring the safety and application of the support structure, cost saving, and convenient construction and maintenance have become the main factors to be considered in the design. The ground photovoltaic support has […]

Differential configuration technology of large distance difference DC bus cable

The photovoltaic modules in the distributed generation system or photovoltaic power station are connected in series and parallel to the combiner box, and then connected to the DC power distribution cabinet through the combiner box. The photovoltaic array with a capacity of 1MWp in the photovoltaic power station covers an area of ​​about 25 acres. […]

Improve the design technology of photovoltaic power stations

The influence of design on power generation is very important, and an excellent system integration scheme plays an important role in improving the efficiency of photovoltaic power plants. Mainly explain the core technology of high-efficiency photovoltaic power generation engineering design from the aspects of photovoltaic modules, inverter selection, photovoltaic array operation mode, module inclination and […]

Innovative application form of photovoltaic power generation system

Photovoltaic power generation systems can be divided into grid-connected photovoltaic power generation systems and independent photovoltaic power generation systems according to whether they are connected to the public grid, and the following are all grid-connected photovoltaic power generation systems. In terms of application form, photovoltaic power generation projects can be divided into two categories. The […]

The development history of photovoltaic power generation

In 1839, the French scientist Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect for the first time. In 1954, Bell Labs scientists Pearson and Chapin successfully developed a monocrystalline silicon solar cell with a conversion efficiency of 6%. This was the first Solar cells with practical value. This achievement marked the beginning of the era of photovoltaic power […]